9 november 2012


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I wanted to show you my little tattoo. Last february I had to choose something for my birthday of my grandpa. And I decided to get a inimini tattoo on the side of my wrist. The little heart is for my grandpa and grandma.

When I walked into the tattoo-shop I was so nervous and the other people where looking at me (and probably thinking: wtf is she doing here LOL). The guy who helped me was surprised that I only wanted the edges of the heart and he laughed while drawing the tattoo. Within 30 seconds my tatoo was done.

My friends where joking around. 'Did you draw it yourself with a ballpoint?'. But I really like the result, I'm not a person for big tattoos, this tattoo is my first and only one.

xxx Femke

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  1. Grazie di essere passata dal mio blog.Ti seguo con molto piacere.

  2. Ja, die haarband staat je erg goed! X

  3. haha it happens. I follow you now.


  4. Awww, I really like the tiny tattoo! It looks great just as the outline, very sweet and I love that you got it for your grandparents. :)

  5. haha your little tattoo is cool! I'm not a person of big tattos either, I dont know if I would like to have a mark for all my life or almost. anyway I guess I wouldnt mind having something small like yours, specially if there's a good reason behind! xx
    pd: if you have one minute please leave a comment on my blog, I need it to win a contest! xx

  6. hi, thank u for stopping by my blog and lovely comment you left, it means a lot to me) Glad to meet you! Your blog is awesome!!! What do you say about following each other? I'm following you right now, hope you will do same!
    Have a happy time!

    Best wishes, Alex

  7. This tattoo is fabulous! It's tiny but it has a great meaning :)
    Think it's perfect!

    ♥, Nina

  8. Awesome tattoo! It's perfect.
    Also love this picture btw:)

  9. Wat grappig! Ik heb precies dezelfde tatoeage (niet precies hetzelfde want die van mij is ook met de hand getekend) ook op die plek.


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